The 5 effective rules to fight cellulite

Summer is upon us and we are all worried about beach bodies and about cellulite. Let’s be honest: cellulite is a problem we carry with us throughout the year, and it’s more than simply an aesthetic issue. It is a problem that affects both men and women, overweight and slim people. The reason for this ubiquity is that it is a congenital defect: it is not caused by excess fat, but by a malfunctioning of venous and lymphatic circulation. The problem appears when the adipose (fat) tissue is inflamed, which results in a fat swelling, the much detested and unsightly orange peel skin. There are several different kinds of cellulite: oedematous, fibrotic and sclerotic, depending its level of evolution.

Stop torturing yourself about it, because cellulite cannot be totally eliminated. It is possible, however, to reduce its unsightly effects with effective treatments, massages and a healthy lifestyle.

Oedema and swelling are the effects of this condition. Both can be visibly reduced thanks to these few but simple rules.

Rule no. 1: Exercise

We are not talking about sports: it is important to have an active lifestyle, forgetting your car whenever you can and giving preference to active means of transportation. How about cycling or walking instead of driving, and taking the stairs instead of the lift? These small changes may make a huge difference and greatly improve lymphatic circulation. The more you move, the more improvement you will notice not only in your physical shape, but also in your psyche.

Rule no. 2: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Fluid retention can be fought by drinking from two to three litres of water per day. This can become an excellent habit to stimulate diuresis and eliminate accumulated with toxins.

Rule no. 3: Get rid of health hazards such as smoking, drinking alcohol and foods with too much salt

The combination of these factors is a veritable poison for our circulatory system. Eliminate these bad habits and your entire body will thank you.

Rule no. 4: Adopt little habits to stimulate circulation

such as avoiding slim-fit and high heels as much as possible, alternating sitting and standing throughout the day, sleeping with a pillow under the mattress beneath your feet. In addition, it is a good idea to stand on the toes of your feet every now and then, to stimulate venous return.

Rule no. 5: Use excellent body treatments

Using a fantastic anti-cellulite cream means more than simply remedying the problem of cellulite marks. It also means pampering yourself, loving your body and turning an aesthetic necessity into a moment dedicated to yourself. The results are immediately visible on your body and in your spirit.

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