Shock Draining Active

Shock Draining Active

Quantity 100 ml
Quantity 100 ml Ideal for Draining treatments and anti-cellulite preparations, to fight localised fluid build-up. Anti-fatigue massages.
Benefits Visibly reduces the swelling caused by accumulated fluids, combats fluid retention and has a long-term detoxing and reinvigorating effect.
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Dermatologically tested formula.
Free of any formaldehyde donors or parabens

A concentrate of combined vegetable extracts against skin blemishes that also helps draining body fluids. The Active generates a blood vessel “workout” that stimulates drainage and ensures its prolonged action.

Application ritual

Shake before use and add a few drops of the product to the Massage Cream or Oil. PROTOCOL: apply 40 ml of Scrub on the body. Start scrubbing from the soles of the feet and move up the body using circular movements. Rinse with warm body cloths or a shower. Apply 2 drops of draining shock treatment (soles of the feet, calves, groin, sternum, cisterna chyli). Proceed with the draining massage using 30 ml of warm oil or 30 ml of cream.



Active Ingredients

Menthol, menthyl lactate and camphor have a refreshing action and stimulate the micro circulation. Eucaliptus oil and peppermint oil have refreshing, toning and soothing actions. Slimbuster (Coffea arabica seed oil, Brassica campestris sterols) regulates lipolysis and controls the formation of adipocytes (fat cells), improves skin compactness and elasticity, and the lipolytic extract of guaraná gives energy and stimulates the metabolism

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