Massage cream

Massage cream

Quantity 500 ml
Quantity 500 ml Ideal for Draining, slimming or relaxing treatments, according to the client's specific needs. To be used in combination with Deeva101 Actives.
Benefits Contain sesame seed oil, rich with anti-oxidants, nourishing and indicated for sensitive skins.
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Dermatologically tested formula.
Free of any formaldehyde donors or parabens

A concentrate of combined vegetable extracts against skin blemishes that also helps fluid drainage. With a targeted, specific action, it effectively transport all active principles while maintaining them intact.

Application ritual

Use on it own or combined with drops of one of the three Deeva101 Actives.



Active Ingredients

Sesame seed oil and shea butter have an emollient and moisturising action. Slimbuster regulates lipolysis and controls the formation of fat cells, improves skin compactness and elasticity. Guaraná extract gives energy and stimulates the metabolism. Aloe vera gel has a deep hydrating action

The Deeva101 secret

The formula for natural beauty and healthy skin. Our professional beauty products combine the very best that science and nature have to offer. The result was Deeva101: an entirely new healthy skin experience.