Hydrosaline Solution

Hydrosaline Solution

Quantity 1000 ml
Quantity 1000 ml Ideal for Compresses with powder, footbaths and baths.
Benefits Draining, detoxing and relaxing.


Salt crystals dissolved in pure rock water. The mixture of hydrosaline solution inserted in the compress with the clay increases the osmotic activity in the tissues, creating a purifying and regenerating action. In the mixture with clay, it intervenes directly on the adipose cells and cellulite nodes. It can be used for footbaths, total regenerating baths, has a healing effect, is a natural tonic, and is astringent for oily skins. Dispersion in the air through aerosols or ionisers purifies the environment. A salt bath re-establishes the body’s vibrational field (stress, insomnia, digestion issues, dysmetabolism etc).

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