Himalayan Salt Crystals

Himalayan Salt Crystals

Quantity 50 g
Quantity 50 g Ideal for Body scrub, footbath and bath.
Benefits Draining, detoxing and relaxing.


Original Himalayan salt from Pakistan mines, collected in places where millions of years ago the sun dried the primordial sea. This remaining crystalline salt is extracted in the mine, cleaned and completely active as it was in the original sea, preserving all the elements that our body also contains. Together with water, the salt recreates the original state (the primordial sea), creating the photons that make it up to then transmit it to our body as a crystalline saline solution. Crystalline salt has the ability to eliminate all toxic residues from the body. The minerals contained in crystalline salt are integrated in the reticular structure and can be metabolised and assimilated by human cells, creating a powerful osmotic effect. This means that blood and lymph can guarantee the processes of vascularisation, oxygenation and elimination from the tissues.

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