Deep Moisturising Cream

Deep Moisturising Cream

Quantity 250 ml
Quantity 250 ml Ideal for Body cream with intensive action to solve all of your skin's hydration and protection needs.
Benefits Revitalises, strengthens, smooths and improves your skin, thanks to the vegetable active principles that promote deep molecular hydration in all epidermal layers.
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Dermatologically tested formula.
Free of any formaldehyde donors or parabens

A specific treatment that gives your skin the hydration it needs, for a healthy, smooth and velvety epidermis. The Deep Moisturising Cream acts on the epidermis, preventing water evaporation and reinforcing the hydrating effect of the corneal layer.

Application ritual

Apply daily, preferably after your shower or bath, with a gentle and regular massage to activate micro circulation, decongest tissues and re-establish lymphatic flow. Constant massage concentrated on certain crucial areas increases skin temperature and improves the penetration of the active principles.

Active Ingredients

Wheat germ oil and sunflower seed oil with emollient and moisturising properties; Fluxhydran LS 9487 (sucrose, serine, arginine, PCA, alanine, threonine, Mourera fluviatilis extract) strengthens the hydrating effect of the corneal layer. Aloe vera moisturising gel.

The Deeva101 secret

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